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Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Move Well. Move Often.

Posted by Dr. Leonard J. Kielbasa, DC, CCSP, Cert. MDT, CFSC, FMSC

The ability to move well is vital to proper training. We will walk you through a series of functional movement assessments to evaluate areas of improvement and to help lower your injury risk with proper exercises specific to your body's needs.

The Functional Movement Screen is a test that we utilize to measure your ability to move correctly prior to conditioning or strength-based training. This analysis helps to identify any movement deficiencies that should be addressed through corrective exercise to help lower your injury risk and promote performance. You would not take a blood pressure pill, prior to having your blood pressure screened nor would you wear corrective lenses prior to having your visioned checked, so why would we train our bodies prior to making sure our ability to move is correct? In fact, if you do not first screen your movement with the Functional Movement Screen you could actually be increasing your risk of injury with your exercise or training program! The Functional Movement Screen was developed over 15 years ago and has a significant amount of research supporting its use as the gold-standard motion analysis in the fitness industry: