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Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)

Identify fitness problem areas and learn to correct them

Posted by Dr. Leonard J. Kielbasa, DC, CCSP, Cert. MDT, CFSC, FMSC

Performance and fitness are often considered the results of training or practice. But, in our continuing study of movement, it has become evident that there is an elemental expression of our energies. In other words, Performance and Fitness are not just about how strong, agile, or quick we are, but how we can apply these skills to our environment or sport. Our capacity to apply these skills at the right time greatly influences how well we will be able to perform at a given level.

Long before we learn and acquire occupational, recreational or sport ­specific skills, we express energy through elemental capacities that can, and should, be measured. The Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) does just that. Using the FCS, we can screen the capacities to:

  • Control motion (crawl and climb)

  • Maintain posture (carry)

  • Explode against gravity (jump)

  • Utilize stored energy when necessary (run)

The FCS forms the transition between movement competency (Functional Movement Screen) and specific skill development (specialized training), allowing you to identify pattern problems, capacity problems and skill-based problems and address them individually through targeted training program decisions.