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Strength and Conditioning Coach FAQs

Do you need one? How do you get started?

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Q: Why do I need a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

Sure, anybody can go to the gym, perform 100 reps of bench press and get stronger, but how applicable is that single movement to your sport? At Align Chiropractic, we use an endless library of innovative training methods, tools, and exercises that will enhance your training experience and prepare you specifically for your sport or physical activity.

Q: Where do I start? Do I keep training during my competitive season? How do I use training to ensure I perform optimally during my competitive season?

The science of periodization is the answer. The goal with periodization is to maximize your gains while also reducing your risk of injury and the staleness of your training program over the long term. It also addresses peak performance for competition or meets. Periodization, if appropriately arranged, can peak the athlete multiple times over a competitive season or optimize an athlete’s performance over an entire competitive season. An intelligently designed training year will encompass smaller blocks of time that each has its own goals or priorities. This type of overall schedule will encompass all of the aspects of the athlete’s programming and can include strength training, conditioning, plyometrics, and sport-specific activities.

Q: What is training like at Align?

Our training programs are always individualized to meet your training needs. You always have our one-on-one undivided attention during your training time. This allows us to focus exclusively on you and your programming during your time providing you with the greatest opportunity to make the gains and progress you deserve.

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

  • NASE Speed Specialist (CSS)

  • Functional Movement Specialist (FMSC)

Dr. Kielbasa is a sports certified chiropractor with a strong background in sports injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and sports performance. Though, Dr. Kielbasa does not specifically train athletes at our office his ability to work closely with our Strength & Conditioning coach gives our athletes a distinct advantage with their training experience offering a unique combination of a medical sports professional and a highly skilled and trained Strength & Conditioning coach.