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Fitness Training

Reach Your Full Potential

Move Well. Feel Well. Live Well.

Align Chiropractic Spine & Sports Rehab offers a full spectrum of Fitness Training services. These services are an integral component of our practice, providing our clients with the tools necessary to prepare their bodies to move and function efficiently. At Align we believe everyone is an athlete. Whether your sport is accomplishing daily household tasks, recreational activity, or competing at a high school, collegiate, or professional level, efficient movement is the key to your success.

Like a pyramid, movement is the bottom block or foundation for performance. At Align, our first step is to screen your ability to properly move and balance with our Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Y Balance Test (YBT). We utilize the FMS and YBT to discover muscle imbalances, poor movement patterns, and injury risk to personalize your training program. Step two focuses on corrective exercise techniques to re-establish proper movement, enhance training effects, and reduce your risk of injury. The third step targets fundamental conditioning and fitness through strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance training. We have a philosophy at Align that strength, power and endurance should never be built upon dysfunction; in other words you need to be able to Move Well before you can Move Often.