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Even at 70 I still lost 2lbs a week!!!

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Thursday, October 19th at 12:00am

1. Why did you start the program?

I was not able to loose weight no matter what I did.

2.What was your biggest struggle while on the program?

I would get hungry and I really missed the carbs. I did not realize how addicted i was to carbs.

3. What is your favorite product?

Chocolate Soy Puffs and Sweet Chili Dorados smashed up and put in a salad for lunch (YUM)

4. What is your favorite trick to give a new dieter?

If I get/got super hungry I will/would eat an additional 1/2 pack of soy puffs to help or better yet eat some raw veggies (cucumber is my go to). At times I felt very 'weak' and felt 1/2 pack of soy puffs got me over that 'hump' which is better than eating a non approved food.

5. Did you get off any medicines while on the program?

My numbers improved and my bone density got better (healthier eating habits along with my walking routine).

6. What have you noticed beside weight loss that has been beneficial while on the program?

I am not disgusted with myself and more, my old clothes fit me again, which all goes, for me, a better frame of mind.

7.What have you given up for good since being on the program?

I have not given up anything for good. I am on maintenance now, so every thing in moderation, much fewer carbs, and i check the carb content of food products, lot of veggies and dont forget the protein.

8. What have you learned while on the program that you will used during maintenance?

Always check the carb content and everything in moderation. If i am up a couple pounds, i jump on the wagon and get them off right away before it becomes a mountain too high to climb.

9. What was your best experience while being on the program?

Seeing the weight come off, fitting back into jeans I havent been able to wear for two (or more) years, AND feeling better about myself.

10. What is your favorite new meal that you will continue to use while you are in maintenance?

Thew Sweet Chili Dorados in a salad, I just love that!!!

11. What advice would you give to a new dieter?

Dont Cheat, it wont work and u will fail in the end.

12. Any additional comments?

There were times I lost 2lbs a week(and at almost 70 I was afraid I would never be able to do that) but by REALLY sticking to protocal, IT WORKS! Yes, there were times I was soooo hungry but stayed very committed to not cheatin. So very happy with the results. Fifteen pounds and 9" overall was fabulous! I will probably always eat some of the foods to help me stay the course!