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I have more energy!!!!

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Thursday, August 17th at 12:00am



1.Why did you start the program?

I started Ideal Protein for a lot of reasons that I can sum up with 2 main factors, First, to feel better about myself and to gain positive self esteem and confidence. The second main factor being so that I could enjoy my life a little more, not worry so much about how I looked when I was the the park trying to play with my kids, instead now I am just loving the ability to play with them without immediately running out of breath.

2. What was your biggest struggle while on the program?

I drank an unhealthy amount of coffee before starting the program and cutting back on that was a struggle mentally because I felt like I needed it, but also I experienced severe Headaches from the lack of caffeine until my body leveled out.

3. What is your favorite product?

The Chocolate Pre- made Shake for sure, I was able to mix mine with coffee and it was my own little treat each day.

4.What is your favorite trick to give to a new dieter?

In the beginning, stick to the foods you know that you can like or can tolerate. Your body is already going through such big changes to adapt to the new program you're feeding it, trying out new meals and Ideal Protein foods can sometimes be discouraging if you do not end up enjoying them, but again, this is only for the beginning. Once you are ready, try all of the new things! Be experimental with things once you have gotten used to being on the program, it can be a lot of fun.

5. What have you noticed beside weight loss that has been beneficial while on the program?

More energy for sure! Also, I am a lot more tuned into my body, which is so crazy for me! I can now tell you when I am dehydrated, when I have had just a smidge too much sugar, or too many carbs, and when I should be eating a few more leafy greens. I was never tuned into my body like this before, and although it is a little intimidating, it has been great to be able to know what my body needs just by listening to it.

6. What have you given up for good since being on the program?

Soda and carbonated drinks, which were pretty easy for me since I did not have many to begin with, but now just the thought of carbonation makes me feel bloated, I cannot imagine what it would feel like if I actually drank some.

7. What have you learned while on the program that you will used during maintenance?

How terrible sugars and carbs make me feel! Haha! But truly, that is something I want to make sure I do not forget. When I have too much sugar, within 20 minutes I am having a sugar rush and a headache and then I feel like i am going to pass out. No food is worth that! As well as worth carbohydrates, withing an hour I feel sluggish, bloated and I just want to sleep, it is like someone flips a switch and I am just down for the count. I do not want to feel either of those ways because of food again.

8. What was your best experience while be on the program?

Having my I deal Protein coach was a huge deal for me and the best part of the experience. Being able to talk to someone who could understand what it felt like and do the best at getting my mind back on track was a saving grace to me.

9. What is your favorite new meal that you will continue to use while you are in maintenance?

Roasted Chicken, sauteed squash and zucchini, with spinach salad

10. What advice would you give to a new dieter?

Firstly, I say you are awesome for putting yourself and your health as a top priority. Secondly, the program works as long as you work for it. It will help you feel better inside and out, but only if you are working just as hard as the program is.