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Cordelia Mabey, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach

My passion with losing weight began early in life. Unfortunately, I have struggled with weight issues and a negative body image since I was young. This eventually led me into an eating disorder. This has been a long term struggle for me over the last 13 years. I have a terrible emotional relationship to food that has caused significant anxiety and depression in my life. After 3 pregnancies, I became heavier than I had ever been in my life.

In an attempt to lose this added weight I tried many diets, as well as intense workout programs in hope to lose weight and change the binge eating disorder I had developed. These methods would never allow me to reach my weight loss goal, as a result, I would discontinue them and resort back to emotional binge eating along with vomiting, guilt, self- loathing, and depression. It became a vicious cycle in my life.

After a while I started to realize that not only was this effecting me inside but it was effecting my role as a mother and a wife and as a result it needed to change. It was not okay for me to be in a bad mood because of my weight struggles. It was not fair to my loved ones. Earlier this year, Dr. Kielbasa came to me and asked me if I wanted to go on Ideal Protein and offered me an opportunity to become the clinic coach for this program.

The opportunity to use my life struggles in a positive way to help others made the decision very easy to take this position. Since this time I have lost over 30 pounds on this program. The results I have experienced with this diet both physically and mentally have been nothing short of amazing! I was astonished at how this diet was able to target my abdominal fat and literally witnessed myself "shrinking" within a couple of weeks. I never thought this would be possible given my limited results with previous attempts with other diets and workout programs. I honestly have not felt this great mentally and physically in years.

My anxiety and depression has disappeared. My mind is clear and focused, and I have energy! All of this has been great for me but the true reward for me has been witnessing the results in our dieters. Assisting them and seeing them succeed and reach their goals has been my biggest motivation and inspiration in my role with this position. I am truly blessed to be able to assist them on this self empowering journey as their coach. I have never been more committed and passionate about something in my life. I want everyone to feel this way, so I am determined to help as many people as I can. Ideal Protein has truly changed my life, will you allow me to help change yours?*

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